Go compiler can produce a binary file which is can natively run on any machine(given its built for that). However, there are times it is more convenient to containerize your application and this tutorial will help you to build a basic RESTFul API built-in go and containerize it.

Building a Web Server in Go

We will…


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So you have your interview with a company in which you always to longed to work say Google and you aced that pair-programming session and next comes whiteboard session which is a very subjective topic as there are no few right answers like how you solved that coding challenge but…


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Java 15 which came into General availability brought a very good set of 14 features. Out of those 14 features, few are additions and few are removed/disabled from current java eco-system. Here is the list of features added

  • Edwards-Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (EdDSA)
  • Sealed Classes (Preview)
  • Hidden Classes
  • Remove the…


Go has three variations of similar commands go run, go build, and go install. We will see in this story what is the purpose of each command and how to use them.

Each of these commands either takes a single Go file or a list of Go files. Here in…


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Interface Segregation Principle

Interfaces play an important role in Java programming language and they are widely used for abstraction and to support multiple inheritances.

Interface is achieved by using a keyword interface and declare methods in it. Classes can implement interfaces with the implements keyword, and then provide implementations for the declared methods…



One of the principles from the twelve-factor app is store application configuration in the environment because it is most likely application config will determine the variations of deployment to various regions such as staging, production, developer environments, etc

Configurations here are such as :

  1. Database, other supporting services URL’s
  2. Application…


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If you were following me from the previous blog where I have explained about the mindset and preparation method before appearing your next system design interview, you are in the right place as promised here in this following blogs.

I will list out important topics, provide a brief overview and…



RSocket (Reactive Socket) is a messaging protocol that works over TCP or Websockets. Communication modes this protocol provides are fire-and-forget, request-response, and streaming. Since RSocket is fully reactive, it's ideal for high-throughput applications.

In this post, we will explore three communications modes which are fire-and-forget, request-response and streaming and test…

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